Erasmus+ Sustainable Tourism in Krumlov

In October, our school hosted students and teachers from Biedenkopf (Germany) and Chateaudun (France) to do some work on Sustainable Tourism. The three towns have a similar size and have an issue with tourists. The French do not have many and want more, the Germans have hardly any and are satisfied and Krumlov has more than many and the locals have mixed feelings.


Our guests were here for five days, and we tried to show them the history (castle and monastery), the culture (Schiele and Seidl) and the unusual face of Krumlov (by means of a photo rallye). We had a panel discussion with the town architect, a professional guide, the manager of the tourist info centre and the owner of a hostel.


The students also designed brochures to promote slow tourism: six hours is far too short to visit Krumlov, it deserves at least six days.


True to their gallant nature, the French sent us a nice evaluation, which we will share with you soon.


There is also a short article with some photos on the site of the local newspaper: 


The Sustainable Team



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Autor: Geert van Overloop | 1145 přečtení | 07. 12. 2018

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