Dear final-year students,

If you want to graduate in English, you have now chosen whether to take the school profile exam or the state exam.

Those who have chosen the state exam will do a nationwide didactic test (prepared by Cermat) + the same speaking test as for the school exam (now voluntary).

This means that students who have chosen the school exam will only do the speaking test (without the didactic test).


The didactic test (part of the state exam only) consists of (1) a 40-minute listening test and (2) a 60-minute reading test, checking your reading comprehension but also your grammar and vocab skills. (With an extra 10 minutes.)


For both the state and school exam, you do a 15-minute speaking exam, which will be about a single topic (you can find the list of 25 topics in the English Language section of this website under „final exam topics“). We expect you to prepare interesting content and will also ask you questions to test your improvisation skills. (The speaking exam has three parts, a reading comprehension and a grammar exercise, which will take about 5 minutes, and the actual speaking-about-the-topic part, for the remaining 10 minutes.)

!!This part has been cancelled!! For both the state and school exam, you write a text of at least 250 words within a 120-minute time limit, with a choice of 4 topics. (Dictionaries are allowed.)

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Autor: Geert van Overloop | 4624 přečtení | 30. 04. 2021

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