English Conversation

Autor: Geert van Overloop <geert(at)gymck.cz>, Téma: _Anglický jazyk, Vydáno dne: 18. 01. 2020

Teacher swap and evaluation.

Conversation classes on both last Thursdays of January (23rd and 30th) will be taught by Chris Littlecreek. The first week of February will be a special Edison class and the first Thursday after the winter-spring break (Feb 20th) will be taught by myself (which is also when we wil be doing the Czech topic talk in the maturita group!).


As for the evaluation, I will be in school on Monday and Wednesday (Jan 20th and 22nd) and I would like all of the conversation class students to come and see me about their final mark.


Thanks in advance,


Geert van Overloop