English Language Competition 2018

Autor: Geert van Overloop <geert(at)gymck.cz>, Téma: _Anglický jazyk, Vydáno dne: 27. 01. 2018

English Conversation Contest

On Wednesday, January 31st, we would like to invite all students who are good at English to Room 99. We start at 8.00 (am) sharp. Bring your English brain.


There are 3 categories:

Category I.b, Prima and Sekunda,

Category II.b, Tercie and Kvarta, 1.S and 2.S,

Category III., Kvinta, Sexta and Septima, 3.S, 4.S and 5.S, I., II. and III.


Students who have spent at least six months in an English-speaking country or grown up in a bilingual family CANNOT take part in these categories. However, there is an extra II.c and III.b category for them. Talk to your English teacher if you want to participate.