English Language Competition

Autor: Geert van Overloop <geert(at)gymck.cz>, Téma: _Anglický jazyk, Vydáno dne: 27. 01. 2017

The school round of the English Language Competition will take place on January 30th and 31st.

Category III.A (students from 7.O, 6.O, 5.O, 5.S, 4.S, 3.S, III., II. and I. classes) will compete on Monday Jan 30th in room 99. Kick-off is at 8.00.

 The best two in this category will compete in February in Kaplice with students from Kaplice, Anežka and possibly Velešín.


 Category II.B (students from 4.O, 3.O, 2.S and 1.S) will compete on Tuesday Jan 31st. See you in room 77 at 8.00.

The winner will go straight to the regional round in Budějovice in March.


Category I.B (students from 2.O and 1.O) will compete on Tuesday Jan 31st in room 78. See you there at 8.00.

The best three will compete once more at the DDM in Krumlov in February.


Students from categories II and III who are bilingual or have spend a significant amount of time in an English-speaking country can compete in Budějovice in March. If you are interested, talk to your English teacher.