Final Exam Topics 2018-2019 (maturitní témata)

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How to graduate in English:


D O N ' T     P A N I C !

Final Exam Topics

  1. Leisure time activities and travelling
  2. Holidays and anniversaries
  3. Entertainment and going out
  4. Sports and games
  5. The environment
  6. My country in the European Union
  7. The Czech Republic
  8. Prague
  9. Český Krumlov
  10. The British Isles
  11. The USA
  12. Australia and New Zealand
  13. Canada
  14. Large and important cities in the English-speaking world
  15. Housing
  16. English-speaking countries and variations of the English language
  17. The media and its influence on society
  18. Cross-cultural differences (racism, feminism, sexism...)
  19. Famous people in the English-speaking world
  20. Significant people in the history of English-speaking countries
  21. Literature (your favourite English language writers)
  22. Shopping, fashion and clothing
  23. Food and a healthy way of life
  24. Services in the CR and the English-speaking world
  25. Education and employment